Exporting a Certificate From A Windows Server


First things first, you need to get the certificate installed. If you have already done that, feel free to proceed, but if you need to do the initial install before exporting, try following the installation guides first.

On to it then…

run mmc step 1

Open MMC (Start > Run > MMC) Click ‘OK.’

mmc file to add or remove snap ins step 2

Click ‘File.’ Select ‘Add/Remove Snap-in.’

Select ‘Certificates,’ and then click the ‘Add’ button.

mmc computer account step 3

Select ‘Computer account,’ then hit the ‘Next’ button.

mmc local computer type step 4

Select ‘Local Computer,’ then ‘Finish.’

mmc ok to snap ins step 5

Click ‘OK.’

mmc console root to export step 1

Open the ‘Personal’ store from the Console Root on the left, right click the certificate you are exporting, and select ‘Export.’

mmc export wizard welcome step 2

Hit ‘Next’ on the Certificate Export Wizard screen.


mmc export wizard export private key step 3

Select ‘Yes, export the private key,’ and then click ‘Next.’


mmc export wizard select file format step 4

Select to make the export in a PFX format, and select ‘Include all certificates in the certification path if possibe,’ and ‘Export all extended properties,’ but DO NOT SELECT ‘Delete the private key if the export is successful,’ and then click ‘Next.’

mmc export wizard password step 5

Enter and Re-Enter a password to use with your export file to secure it in transit, and click ‘Next.’


mmc export wizard file name step 6

Browse to the file location you want to save the export to and click ‘Next.’


mmc export wizard finish step 7

She done! Hit Finish and prepare to import!

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