Generating a CSR: Server Instructions

When you are going to request your certificate, you must first create a Certificate Signing Request, or ‘CSR’ on your server that will contain the information needed to tell the SSL which addresses are being secured. Each server has its own unique way of requesting this CSR, but it is a necessary step regardless of what system you’re running on

The specific generation procedure is determined by your choice of Web server software. CSR generation instructions are available for the Web servers listed on this page.

microsoft-iis                                                  win-7iis                                                logo_iis8

IIS5 and IIS6                        IIS7                     IIS8 and IIS8.5


exchange 2007       exchange 2010          microsoft-exchange-2013-standard-key

   HEX2007                       HEX2010                  HEX2013



apache-logo                               Tomcat-Logo                                 


     APACHE                    TOMCAT                   NGiNX


cpanel logo                    plesk-logo

      cPANEL                           PLESK




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*Information provided courtesy of GD Support*